Prince Edward meetig Willam Donald Ross and his wife.

In 1927, the current Union Station was officially opened by Edward, Prince of Wales.

During World War II, Union Station acted as a reception centre for thousands of women who met and married Canadian soldiers abroad. 

After the end of the Second World War, Canada's 48th Highlanders arrived home at Union Station.

In the age of luxury train travel, Union Station hired over 100 "Red Caps" to carry luggage off the arriving trains. 

Prince Edward meeting William Donald Ross and his wife.

During the chaos of World War II, a larger-than-life painting was created in Union Station.

In 1969, CN and CP Rail had plans which involved demolishing Union Station.

Save Union Station formed in 2002 by concerned citizens over the perceived secrecy of the renovation bid.

The early renditions of Eaton's Stanta Claus Parade saw St. Nick arriving at Union Station and travelling north to Eaton's Toyland. 

Union Station is updated into the 21st century, turning it into a social destination.


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