Elizabeth, Erika, and Karen are three emerging museum professionals who graduated from the University of Toronto in 2020. They joined this project with a range of experience in art, history, and classical studies. As co-curators, they were interested in uncovering the surprising, intriguing, and heartwarming stories of Toronto's Union Station. 



Elizabeth Cytko

Elizabeth is passionate about local history and encouraging others to participate in creating it. When not in school, she enjoys satiating her curiosity by visiting libraries, lectures and museums. Elizabeth is interested in how communities come together to shape the direction of a city. Uncovering Union provided the opportunity to dig deep into Toronto history and learn about the passionate people who came together to preserve the Union Station. 


Erika Ilse

Ever since high school, Erika has loved to learn about art and history. After hearing about the chance to work on this project, Erika was moved to join due to her love of social history and historic photographs. Uncovering Union provided her with the chance to learn about the past and present of a well-known Toronto landmark, and to consider how to share this information with others. 


Karen Macke

Growing up in the United States, Karen became fascinated with history and museums. Karen began her Canadian journey in 2017 when she moved to Toronto for university. These last three years, Karen has expanded her experience within museums and developed a passion for collections and education. With previous curations in exhibitions, Karen was ecstatic to further her experience with her first online exhibition. The opportunity to work in a digital medium provided newfound challenges that inspired each step. 



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